18-Point Service Checklist
1. Check and advise on current engine oil condition
2. Drain and refill oil (up to 5 qts)
3. Replace oil filter (with premium oil filter)
4. Lubricate chassis (if applicable)
5. Check tires for proper wear & inflation
6. Check brake fluid ( will advise if attention needed)
7. Check and top off power steering fluid
8. Check and top off washer fluid
9. Check and top off battery fluid (if applicable)
10. Check and top off transmission fluid *
11. Check and top off differential fluids *
12. Check and top off transaxle fluid *
13. Check and test coolant (top off start at $4.99)
14. Check air filter (replacements start at $9.99)
15. Check breather ( replacements start at $ 3.99)
16. Check wiper blades (replacements start at $9.99)
17. Inspect and advise on belts and hoses
18. Showed Customer Dipstick

* Between regular quick oil change service, you are invited to return

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