5 Types of Truck Tires Every Pickup Driver Should Know

Keeping a truck on the road is like keeping a toy in its package—no fun at all! From muddy trails to rugged backroads, trucks go where other vehicles can’t. To drive yours to its full potential, you’ve got to outfit it with the right tires for the job. Learn all about the different types of truck tires and how to pick the right set for your ride.

Max Traction Truck Tires: For Weekend Off-Roading

Firestone Destination MT Tire
Your truck’s tires are responsible for maintaining a firm grip (traction) with the road. Tires that supply reliable traction can help you travel over loose gravel, icy roads, and slippery surfaces. Though most tires provide some road grip, max traction tires are built for it.

If you often drive in inclement weather or occasionally go off-roading, check out Firestone Destination M/T tires. They’re one of our top-rated max traction offerings thanks to their computer-optimized component system (CO-CS). CO-CS ensures that Firestone Destination M/T tires have the ideal combination of rubber compounds, tire construction, and tread design.

Why pick max traction truck tires? Without proper traction, your truck is more likely to spin, hydroplane, or even get stuck in the mud or sand. By tightly gripping the road, max traction tires help prevent everything from minor inconveniences to accident-causing spinoffs.

All-Terrain Truck Tires: For a Truck That Does It AllFirestone Destination AT Tire

If you know you’re going to be driving under particularly challenging conditions, you’ll need a set of tires that are specifically built for the challenge. On the flip side, if you use your truck for everything from your daily commute to your yearly adventures—you need highly adaptable all-terrain tires.

All-terrain tires are rugged yet versatile. They smoothly (and pretty quietly) transition from dry highways to snow-dusted roads and wet trails.

Why pick all-terrain truck tires? The world is hectic, and you have to juggle a lot of responsibilities. Your truck is no exception. Trucks are built for on-road performance and off-road traction, and Firestone Destination A/T tires are engineered for trucks. Can’t decide between rush hour traffic or taking a quick but muddy back road? Firestone Destination all-terrain tires can handle both!

Highway Truck Tires: For Easy TravelPrimewell Valera H/T LTR Tire

Life isn’t always fun and games. Often we need a ride that will get us to and from our daily routines. Do your weeks mostly include driving to work, school, and family events? If so, consider highway truck tires. Models such as the Primewell Valera H/T LTR offer impressive handling, a quiet ride, and long mileage.

Why pick highway truck tires? If you do most of your driving on the highway or open road—you want tires that offer comfort, maneuverability, and long mileage. On everyday streets, mud and max traction tires can wear out quicker, be louder, and feel “clunky.” Highway tires, on the other hand, can enhance your truck’s on-road performance for a safe, quiet ride. Plus, most highway tires can also handle heavy loads.

Winter Truck Tires: For Cold Weather ConfidenceFirestone Winterforce 2 UV

Snow. Some people love it. Some people hate it. Winter truck tires can help make sure you’re one of the folks who love it.

Snow tires like the Firestone Winterforce 2 UV set themselves apart in a variety of ways. First off, their tread rubber remains flexible in cold temperatures—allowing them to grip the icy road. They also have full-depth tread designs that channel out sleet and snow to boost traction. Plus, winter truck tires have thousands of biting edges (microscopic slits) to help maintain a good grip on icy roads.

Why pick winter truck tires? As reported by Consumer Reports, a study by the Federal Highway Administration found that roughly 2,000 people die every year due to road accidents caused by winter conditions. Even though there’s no surefire way to prevent accidents, there are ways to reduce the likelihood of wrecks. The control and reliability of snow tires can help you drive safely in wintry conditions.

Mud Truck Tires: For Aggressive Off-RoadingFirestone Destination M/T 2 Tire

When serious off-roading calls to you, answer that call with mud truck tires. You want to look for prominent tread features, wide shoulder blocks, and durable sidewalls such as those on the Firestone Destination M/T2.

Their unique and “aggressive” design expels loose rocks and dirt, leaving the biting edges free to grip the (off) road. Some mud tires’ tread pattern extends to the sidewalls, allowing them to laterally grip into slopes and ditches.

Plus, mud tires like the Firestone Destination M/T2 leverage advanced construction techniques and materials to withstand punctures, chips, and tears.

Why pick mud truck tires? All-terrain, winter, and highway truck tires deliver reliable performance in a variety of conditions. If you split your driving time between the road and the trail, all-terrain tires might be a good option. But, if you really want to take your truck off the beaten path, mud tires will give you the grip and power you need to get through thick mud and over thin trails.

Do More Truck Stuff

All trucks do stuff, but not all trucks do truck stuff. Make sure your pickup does the stuff you want it to with the right set of truck tires from Firestone Complete Auto Care. You can shop online and have your tires delivered to your local Firestone Complete Auto Care for installation, or you can shop in-store for personalized help.

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