American Petroleum Institute Helps Make Sure Consumers Receive High-Quality Oil

Kevin Ferrick with API is available to talk with you about the oil sampling program which will take place next week in the Detroit area.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) samples and tests packaged and bulk engine oils annually as part of its Engine Oil Licensing and Certification System. An individual representing API will be buying samples of packaged and bulk oils in the Greater Detroit area Tuesday, April 30 and Wednesday, May 1.

API has been sampling and testing engine oils purchased in the marketplace for decades, all to ensure that oils licensed by API meet API’s stringent engine oil performance standards. However, this year, API for the first time, is specifically inviting auto and truck dealers, repair shops and quick lube operators dispensing API-licensed bulk engine oils, to volunteer to participate in the sampling effort. The sample collector will purchase one or more gallons of oil drawn from a location’s bulk tanks, and API will then test the samples to ensure they meet API requirements.

API will include these volunteers in the sample collection list but cannot guarantee that the sampling representative will collect samples from every location that volunteers. However, a location’s willingness to participate will certainly help the representative in selecting locations to sample.

For those locations that are visited, the collection representative will leave behind information on API’s chain-of-custody standard and our Motor Oil Matters (MOM) Program. MOM recognizes oil distributors and oil change locations that manage their bulk oils appropriately and identify their products to customers and consumers in accordance with API requirements. MOM’s ultimate goal is to make sure distributors, oil change locations, and consumers are receiving the quality oil they expect.

All MOM-certified locations are listed on the Motor Oil Matters website. The site also provides information to consumers about the MOM program and its importance, including:

  • Motor oil’s role in an engine and the importance of oil changes
  • The importance of following owner’s manual recommendations
  • The critical role proper handling of bulk oil plays in ensuring oil quality

Those interested in participating should contact for more information. Please visit API’s Motor Oil Matters website or follow API on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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