ASA’s Webinar Promotes Value of Inspections

The Automotive Service Association released a YouTube video webinar about the value that Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspection (PMVI) programs provide in increasing vehicle safety, according to an April 23 press release.

Tom Piippo, AMAM, ASA Mechanical Division Director and owner of Tri-County Motors in Rudyard, Mich., is interviewed by Tony Molla, ASA vice president of Industry Relations, and explains what PMVI programs are, what benefits they provide and why they’re needed more than ever.

The video uses photos from the Just Vehicle Inspections Facebook group, which were taken during routine digital vehicle inspections. The photos graphically demonstrate the safety issues caused by neglected vehicle maintenance.

“The safety issues discovered during the vehicle inspections show clearly why PMVI programs are necessary and how they can be effective in catching serious vehicle safety concerns before they result in a much more serious tragedy,” Piippo said. “The Car Care Council statistics included in the video also help to spotlight just how widespread neglected vehicle maintenance is and the fact that in 2017, 88 percent of the vehicles inspected at free Car Care Council check lanes across the nation had at least one maintenance issue that could pose a safety risk to occupants of that vehicle and the vehicles around them on the highway.”

The “Importance of Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspections” can be viewed here.

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