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Supporting the Fight: How Bridgestone and Firestone Are Helping in the Battle Against COVID-19

Bridgestone Technical CenterBridgestone and Firestone care deeply about our communities, and we remain committed to being a dependable service provider and neighbor now more than ever. Given the current environment, Bridgestone Americas, the parent company of the Firestone and Bridgestone Retail Operations (BSRO), has been supporting essential workers on the front lines of the coronavirus crisis in a variety of ways. Learn how we’re going the extra mile to support the fight against COVID-19!

Making Personal Protective Equipment

The Bridgestone Americas Technical Center in Akron, Ohio has been repurposing teams and technology to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) for local medical workers in Northeast Ohio. Using the company’s prototyping technology and their own personal 3D printers, teammates designed – and are now producing – face shields that meet necessary medical standards.

These face shields are easy to clean and reuse due to their plastic construction and cover a larger portion of the face than standard masks. Currently, the PPE shields made by the Bridgestone team in Ohio are going to front-line workers at hospitals and medical facilities in Akron and the surrounding communities.

Keeping Essential Workers on the Road

Even though COVID-19 has brought many businesses to a halt, essential workers need to remain mobilized, and Bridgestone Retail Operations is helping to keep these essential employees moving nationwide.

Our retail tire and automotive service centers have remained open to keep essential workers on the road and goods moving. With strict safety and sanitation measures in place, our nationwide network of more than 2,200 tire and car care centers under the Firestone Complete Auto Care, Tires Plus, Hibdon Tires Plus, and Wheel Works brands are playing an important role in helping essential motorists around the country stay on the road. If you need an essential service or repair, call your local Firestone Complete Auto Care to learn about contact-free services and curbside drop-off near you.

Continuing Partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Bridgestone Retail Operations recently announced it will donate $840,000 to support Boys & Girls Clubs across the country with their COVID-19 relief efforts. The contribution comes from all customer donations collected in Q1 2020 across Bridgestone’s network of 2,200+ tire and automotive service centers.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s COVID-19 relief fund is dedicated to providing staff, youth, families, and communities the resources they need to navigate the challenges of the ongoing health pandemic. Many Boys & Girls Clubs are offering critical services, like emergency childcare for essential workers, meals for children who rely on school lunches, and virtual learning opportunities. The donation from Bridgestone will help ensure that Clubs can continue serving their communities during these times.

Doing What’s Right

During the ongoing health crisis, we’re focused now more than ever on supporting local communities as part of our company’s Our Way to Serve corporate social responsibility commitment. Support our efforts by donating to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America after your next contact-free service at your ?nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care.

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Reminder – Boardman Location Remains Closed Every Wednesday For Cleaning

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Today Is National Nurses Day – Thank a Nurse! $8 Off All Oil Changes

Nurses Day Oil Change

Nurses Day Oil Change

At the end of the 19th century, “The Lady With the Lamp”— or as she is more widely known, Florence Nightingale — founded modern nursing. Thanks to her strict use of hand-washing and hygiene practices while caring for wounded soldiers in the Crimean War, Nightingale and her helpers reduced the death rate from 42% to 2% — ushering in nursing as we know it today. On May 6, we recognize the important role nurses play in our lives by celebrating National Nurses Day.


National Nurses Day is the first day of National Nursing Week, which concludes on May 12, Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Yet the week was first observed in the US in October 1954 to mark the 100th anniversary of Nightingale’s pioneering work in Crimea.

In 1953, Dorothy Sutherland of the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare sent a proposal to President Eisenhower asking him to proclaim a “Nurse Day” in October of the following year to coincide with the anniversary. Although the President didn’t act, the celebration was observed thanks to a bill sponsored by Representative Frances P. Bolton, and the following year a new bill was introduced to Congress lobbying for official recognition of the celebration.

Twenty years later, in February of 1974, President Nixon proclaimed a National Nurse Week to be celebrated annually in May. Over the next eight years, various nursing organizations including the American Nurses Association (ANA) rallied to support calls for a “National Recognition Day for Nurses” on May 6, which was eventually proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan in 1982.

With over 3 million working nurses in the US today, nurses make up the highest percentage of the US healthcare workforce. Although you might not imagine it, nurses are more likely to sustain a back injury on a shift than construction workers, and they walk an average of 5 kilometers per shift, as caring for others’ health is such an active job!

If you think nurses are only found in hospitals, then think again! The majority of registered nurses (59%) practice elsewhere, such as a nursing home or on home visits. They work across communities to keep people worldwide happy and healthy, and National Nurses Day is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation for their important work!

Check Engine Light On? Could Be A Faulty O2 Sensor

According to the annual CarMD® Vehicle Health Index™ one of the most common check engine light repairs is replacing the oxygen sensor. This relatively minor repair can be costly if neglected, leading to as much as 40 percent lower fuel efficiency, causing further damage to your vehicle’s exhaust system and adversely impacting the environment.

“Vehicles with faulty oxygen sensors typically seem to drive and handle well, but the malfunction can dramatically decrease fuel efficiency and lead to costlier repairs if ignored,” said Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council. “A faulty oxygen sensor means your vehicle is emitting more pollutants and if the check engine light is illuminated, it may not pass vehicle emissions testing in those states requiring it for vehicle registration.”

A vehicle’s oxygen sensors are mounted in the exhaust system; they monitor the catalytic convertor’s operation and the level of oxygen in exhaust gases to maintain efficient engine operation. The best way to prevent an oxygen sensor failure is to follow a regular service schedule, including routine oil changes.

Unlike the past nine years of the annual CarMD report, costly catalytic converter replacement edged out O2 sensor replacement as the most common check engine light repair. Catalytic converters do not typically fail unless maintenance and other repairs are ignored or the vehicle is older. Average vehicle age has increased from 10.6 years to 11.7 years over the past decade, contributing to this outcome.

“It is important that car owners check the reason for an illuminated check engine light without delay and make necessary maintenance to avoid more costly repairs, like catalytic converter replacement, down the road,” said White. “If you find your vehicle needs service, call your trusted local repair shop as automotive repair is considered an essential service.”

The Car Care Council’s popular Car Care Guide features helpful information about the check engine light. Available in English and Spanish, a free printed copy of the 80-page Car Care Guide can be ordered by visiting www.carcare.org/car-care-guide.

The non-profit Car Care Council is the source of information for the “Be Car Care Aware” consumer education campaign promoting the benefits of regular vehicle care, maintenance and repair to consumers. For the latest car care news, visit the council’s online media room at http://media.carcare.org. To order a free copy of the popular Car Care Guide, visit the council’s consumer education website at www.carcare.org.

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