Costa Oil -10 Minute Oil Change specializes in Cadillac oil changes.

It’s crucial for car owners to stay on top of routine, preventive maintenance. By tending to your car’s most basic needs, you can optimize its performance, extend its lifespan, and avoid having to make costly repairs down the road. As you think about the routine maintenance needs, pay special attention to regular oil and filter changes, which are essential for keeping your engine running smoothly.

How can you tell when your vehicle is due at the service center? Here’s how to determine.

Is it Time for Your Next Oil Change?

Read your manual

The first thing you should do is review your owner’s manual. All cars need an oil change at regular mileage intervals, but that interval may be different from one car to the next. Your manual will specify how regularly your Cadillac needs its oil changed. Costa Oil -10 Minute Oil Change specializes in Cadillac oil changes.

Watch for the dashboard light

Most newer cars have dashboard lights that illuminate when there’s an issue with the engine oil. This could mean your oil is running low or that it’s dirty and needs to be changed. Either way, it’s a good indicator that you should make a service appointment.

Check your engine oil

Something else you can do is use the dipstick to check your oil level. If it’s empty, that’s a clear sign of trouble. And if the oil is dark or dirty, that means you’re due for a trip to the service center. Clean, healthy oil will typically be amber, or honey-colored.

Listen to the engine

Engine oil is meant to provide lubrication, preventing different parts from bumping against each other. If you hear a jostling or grinding sound coming from your engine, that might mean that your oil isn’t working as intended. Make an appointment at the service center.

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