Car Organization that Sparks Joy

Guest Blogger: Teresa McHugh

couple cleaning out their carRaise your hand if you’ve got the itch to do some major spring cleaning. Both my hands are way up! I’ve already filled up my share of donation bags with ‘things that don’t spark joy’. As soon as that warmer weather rolls in, I am more than ready to free myself of all the junk! It’s a thing.

Right when I was feeling good about the clutter purging that took place in our house, I was instantly taken back to square one when I took a look at our van. I mean why? Why is the carpet such a magnet for dried out fries and sticky fruit snacks?! UGH!

I was SO ready to tackle our van next! I love that we have a Firestone Complete Auto Care just 15 minutes away because in our family, “spring cleaning” out the van means a trip to Firestone Complete Auto first. We know that the “cleaning” maintenance under the hood is essential to safe driving. It’s not fun having to pull off on the side of the road because you’re low on oil (been there before). That’s why we always make sure to schedule an appointment for an oil change, checking the vehicle’s fluids, and making sure our battery is working properly (or needing replacement). I’m a big fan of how convenient it is to schedule an appointment online. As much as I love a good “detailing the van sesh”, it gives me great peace of mind knowing the inside of our van is taken care of too. Mechanical maintenance is just as important, if not more so! If you haven’t done so already, make sure to schedule your appointment at Firestone Complete Auto Care and get your vehicle spring ready!

Organizing Trunk Space

This year I wanted to try and organize our trunk space. It usually becomes a catch-all and it looks like a hot mess. My parents have always kept pop up bins and baskets in their trunk so I thought I would see if I could make it work for us. We had some leftover toy bins that had been emptied out from our donation pile. I wanted to give them new life and re-use them in that trunk space. I also had a fun basket lying around that I could throw in there. If you don’t have extra bins or baskets to spare, you can always create storage from upcycled items like cardboard boxes! It is the trunk after all, no need to get fancy just ORGANIZED!

We were trying to figure out the best system for us, and trust me, we reworked our bins a few times after this shot was taken. I ended up using the basket for holding our bags and the canvas bins for the cleaners and some sweaters we keep in the van. What I do love about collapsible bins is that you can close them up if you ever need to free up space.

Overall, feeling pretty accomplished with how it turned out. Everything has a place now. I know what you’re probably thinking though, “where the heck is she going to place her groceries??” I thought of that. No clue. JUST KIDDING. Whenever I make a trip out to the store, I leave those bins in the garage and pop them back in when the trunk is unpacked. Ta-da! It’s pretty functional and makes you feel great about life! #Winning.

In the spirit of spring, I wanted to give you guys that motivating jump start in the right direction. Schedule an appointment at your local Firestone Complete Auto Care.

Happy cleaning!! XOXO, terri

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