Clean Your Car – Without Working like a Dog

Guest Bloggers: Liv & Leo White

Growing up, my family rarely took our dogs for car rides. The only time we put our dogs in the car is if they were going to the vet, groomers or to be boarded while we went on vacation. Needless to say, our dogs hated going for car rides! They associated it with something negative and would even shake in fear of being in that situation.white dog sticking its head out the window

When we brought home Leo, our Samoyed puppy, I was very intentional about making the car a fun and safe place for him. We love taking Leo downtown, to the dog park and even on long car rides to visit friends and family several hours away. We put Leo’s safety first by getting regular car checkups at Firestone Auto Care for services such as oil changes, new batteries, etc. Since we do not have a backyard for him to run around in, it’s not uncommon for us to put Leo in the car for an adventure several times a week to get him out and about. I am happy and proud to say that Leo LOVES going “bye bye” in my car (the designated dog mobile), especially when he gets to stick his head out the window!

Although we brush and bathe Leo regularly, it’s inevitable that he will leave behind hair and dirt after riding in the backseat of my car. We have found using a seat cover to be extremely helpful. It not only protects the fabric on the seats from getting dirty or scratched but it’s also a breeze to remove and shake out. We even throw in the washing machine when necessary to give it a nice deep clean before placing it back in the car. Some dirt and hair still make their way to other parts of the vehicle, especially when the windows are rolled down and the breeze comes through. To tackle the remaining mess, we use a vacuum with a hose to reach all the nooks and crannies where more dirt and hair could be hiding.

When the weather doesn’t permit for rolled down windows Leo still likes to stand and look out the window. It’s a great spot for him to squirrel watch and smile back at the people we pass. His nose does leave behind some smudges on the inside of the window, but we can easily wipe those away with some glass cleaner.

Taking care and cleaning up after a big hairy dog does take some work, but it is absolutely worth it to see the joy on his face as we take off on our big and small car ride adventures. We encourage you to make an appointment to get your car serviced for the spring season at Firestone Auto Care, so you can take off on your own adventures!

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