3 Motor Oils You Shouldn’t Buy According to Petroleum Quality Institute of America

The Petroleum Quality Institute of America (PQIA) warned specifically against buying three viscosity grades of Orbit motor oils. The motor oils that should be avoided are Orbit’s 5-30, 10-30 and 10-40 oils and PQIA says that they have issued a “Don’t Buy” for all Orbit brand motor oils. Please click here to read the full story. The following is an excerpt from PQIA.

“PQIA’s analysis of the Orbit samples show that the products are extremely thin, as much as 74 percent below the minimum viscosity requirements for their implied viscosity grade. Motor oils this thin are not able to adequately separate and lubricate moving engine parts and can lead to rapid wear and even engine seizure. In addition, the samples tested lack the critical additives needed to protect car engines from wear, sludge, rust and corrosion. They may also contain abrasive contaminates. Accordingly, PQIA has issued a “Don’t Buy” for Orbit brand motor oils. These fraudulent oils should not be added to your car engine.”Image

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