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Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus tireWhen shopping for new all-season car or minivan tires, you should choose ones that give you more — more fuel economy, more comfort, and more all-season reliability. Weather the road with Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus tires.

Ecopia EP422 Plus Technology & Benefits

The Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus tire is like a good friend: You can count on it through thick and thin.

Just how friendly is the Ecopia EP422 Plus?

First of all, it’s a dependable year-round performer on wet and dry surfaces. Circumferential grooves on the Ecopia EP422 Plus help disperse water to combat hydroplaning, and the tire’s optimized footprint distributes weight evenly across the surface of the tire, promoting longevity and better wear.

The Ecopia EP422 Plus solidly grips the road, whether it’s wet or dry, helping to provide safety and security when you’re behind the wheel.

In other words, the Ecopia EP422 Plus won’t let you down.

On top of all that, the sidewall and tread of the Ecopia EP422 Plus are designed to maximize gas mileage by providing lower rolling-resistance. The Ecopia EP422 Plus has been shown to help cars and minivans get extra miles per tank!* (Looking for fuel-efficient tires for SUVs? Check out Ecopia H/L 422 Plus for SUVs and CUVs, instead.)

What makes the Ecopia EP422 Plus tire so eco-friendly?

Here are the two components of Ecopia EP422 Plus that make it so eco-friendly:

  • Fuel-saver sidewall compound: This helps lower rolling resistance and decreases heat generation compared with a traditional sidewall.
  • Fuel-saving silica-based tread compound: This also delivers improved rolling resistance, which contributes to less fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

By the way, the tire’s NanoPro-Tech component enables the rubber and silica to be more compatible (just like two friends should be.) This compatibility leads to better fuel efficiency, wet grip, wear-resistance and durability.

The fuel savings supplied by the Ecopia EP422 Plus contribute to Bridgestone’s global goal of improving tire rolling resistance by 25% by 2020. The Ecopia EP422 also moves Bridgestone closer to its long-term vision of achieving a 50% reduction in carbon emissions by the year 2050 and beyond.

Another environmental bonus: The Ecopia EP422 Plus is partly made of recycled ground rubber (up to 5% of the tread compound).

Aside from the fuel-, money- and planet-saving benefits, the Ecopia EP422 Plus offers confident handling and a quiet, comfortable ride — thanks to an innovative tread pattern — for drivers of coupes, sedans, minivans, and small SUVs.

Oh, but there’s more:

  • The steel belt construction improves durability and resists punctures.
  • The nylon-wrapped steel belt helps the tire hold its original shape to improve high-speed capabilities.
  • The symmetrical tread pattern of the Ecopia EP422 Plus enables the tire to be mounted on a wheel and be rotated in any direction without affecting performance.

What do Bridgestone Ecopia all-season tire reviews say?

Check out Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus reviews for yourself! On Consumer Reports, one driver touts the tire’s “great mpg and long life when driven properly.” Another driver purchased four tires for their 2013 Hyundai Sonata and is pleased with the tire lifespan — all with “no special treatment other than religious tire rotation[s] every 6,000 miles.”

Where can you buy Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 tires?

Shop online or visit your friends at Firestone Complete Auto Care so you and your vehicle can enjoy the many advantages of the built-to-perform Ecopia EP422 Plus. We carry Bridgestone Ecopia all-season tires in many sizes, along with a variety of other Bridgestone tires for cars, trucks, and SUVs.

*Based on rolling resistance in lab testing comparing Ecopia EP422 Plus (215/60R16) to Firestone FR710 (215/60R16) from new. Extra 20 miles based on 400 miles per tank. Actual results may vary based on proper tire maintenance, vehicle, driving style and road conditions.

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