From Muddy Mountains to a Clean Car

Guest Blogger: Myles Cameron

Spring is a notoriously dirty time of the year for cars. For me, it’s mainly because of my almost daily commute to the mountains – and addiction to driving through every puddle I see. This spring, I’m teaming up with Firestone Complete Auto Care to share some of my spring cleaning tips to keep your vehicle in good shape.taking skis out of the trunk in the snow

I’m constantly covering my car in mud. Oregon has an abundance of dirt roads, as well as plenty of rainfall in the spring, creating some of the best puddles around. Although caking your car in mud can be a blast, it’s important to wash it off sooner rather than later. Letting the mud harden on your vehicle can lead to paint damage, so it’s best to rinse it off as soon as possible. I always make sure to give my car a nice hand wash within a day of muddy excursions.

Throwing soaking wet gear into the back of your car is never fun, but it sometimes feels unavoidable when it’s snowing or raining. I always make sure to get my gear as dry as possible before placing it in my car, and I put any wet clothes into a separate bag and dry them out when I get home. I also recommend plastic tubs for wet items to avoid drenching your interior.

My final tip for spring vehicle maintenance is doing a quick fluid check. Make sure that all of your levels are good to go, and that your car will continue running smoothly. I also recommend keeping an extra quart of oil somewhere in your car, just in case you ever need to add more on a longer drive.

If you need any other vehicular work taken care of this spring, make sure to swing by your local Firestone Complete Auto Care. They can help you out with any maintenance you require and will make sure that your car is in the best possible condition. You can schedule an appointment at your local Firestone Complete Auto Care!

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