Misbehaving Mechanic Caught on Dash Cam

Automotive service is one of the few times people leave their vehicles in the care of strangers. There is an inherent trust that comes with handing over the keys, but sometimes that trust is abused. One California resident learned this the hard way.

According to KCRA, Michael Burke took his 8-year-old red Mustang to Big O Tires in Elk Grove for a brake inspection. When he entered the vehicle afterwards, Burke noticed his belongings inside had noticeably shifted, prompting a review of his dash cam.

The video seemed normal at first.

“I saw my car pull into a parking lot from the dash and it came to a stop and I saw on the asphalt all these tire marks,” Burke explained to KCRA. “I (thought), ‘Uh oh, what’s going to happen?’”

The footage then shows the mechanic doing donuts in the empty lot.

Burke informed the manager of what had happened. The store fired the employee and offered Burke a refund and free services to make amends.

This isn’t the first time employees have taken joy rides in customers’ vehicles, nor is the first time they’ve been busted by dash cams, like the time a mechanic took a 200 mile test drive and the time a dealership employee sped down roads, blasting through yellow lights.

The Big O Tire store manager is now looking to turn to dash cams as a solution to rebuild trust and hold their employees accountable. In the mean time, he is reiterating their rules and policies to the staff.

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