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Warning: This oil can cause damage to passenger car engines. In addition to warning consumers about the dangers of this oil to car engines, PQIA also advises retailers to be aware of the issues PQIA has found with this brand. 

PQIA first became aware of an issue with MaxiGuard when it purchased a sample in September 2011 in Elizebeth, NJ. Based on the test results of that sample, PQIA issued a Consumer Alert on MaxiGuard Super Premium Motor Oil on November 18, 2011. Test results showed a product that could cause damage to a passenger car engine. The analysis also showed high levels of iron, aluminum and silicon, which indicate the product may contain used oil.

Here we are seven months later and this product is still on the shelves.

We took another look at MaxiGuard when an angry consumer contacted PQIA after recently purchasing MaxiGuard at a store in Matawan, New Jersey. He said the product looked and smelled like used oil and he was very concerned it might do damage to his engine. He also said he brought this issue to the attention of the store owner and was told the product would be removed from the shelves.

In response to the call, and understanding PQIA had previously issued a Consumer Alert on this brand, PQIA visited the store in Matawan, NJ and found the product was still on the shelf. We purchased samples of MaxiGuard 10W-30 and 10W-40 and what we found is nothing short of appalling. The products not only fail to meet their labeled viscosity grades, but their chemical signature, appearance, and odor strongly suggest these bottles contain used oil.


Based on these findings, PQIA issues a DON’T BUY on MAXIGUARD

This oil can cause damage to a passenger car engine.


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