Quick Lube History: 1966 – Who Was Really, The First Quick Lube?

Did you answer Jiffy Lube? Understandable, but it would be incorrect. Did you answer Minit Lube? Thats a great answer, and shows you’re familiar with the industry, but it is also incorrect. Who is the first company to introduce the drive through open basement oil change only business? It’s a man name Dick Wellington of Mansfield Ohio. If you’ve never heard of this man its okay, he has been lost to the sands of time. Thanks to Newspapers.com and its archiving, after extremely diligent research I have concluded that Mr. Wellington indeed did have the first Quick Lube.

This article is from September 23rd 1966 in the “News-Journal” Publication of Mansfield Ohio.

Mr. Wellington clearly lays out his idea.

October 21st of 1966 also shows the actual picture of Mr. Wellingtons facility.

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