Engine Air Filter Replacement

Air is drawn into the engine as a critical part of the combustion process. The engine air filter captures airborne contaminants such as dirt, dust and even bugs before they can enter the engine. A dirty, clogged engine air filter can contribute to poor overall engine performance and a loss of up to 10% of your engines performance and fuel economy.

The engine air filter is removed and inspected. If necessary, a new, clean engine air filter is installed.

Cabin Air Filter Replacement

The inside of your car is six times more polluted than the outside air. Many vehicle manufacturers are now equipping cars with cabin air filters. A cabin air filter installed at QuickChange, can block up to 99.5% of the pollutants entering your vehicle. The electrostatically charged filter works like a magnet to stop pollen, dust and other airborne contaminants in their tracks. Replacing your Cabin Air Filter will improve the performance of your heating and air conditioning system and help you breathe more easily.