brake SUPPORT AND inspection

If you’re looking for a brake service and inspection, look no beyond Firestone Complete Auto Care, where we provide free brake checks seven days per week, all year long. Bring your automobile in and our tire as well as auto service professionals will execute a free brake check service which includes:

Measurement of front and back brake pad wear

Measurement associated with rotor wear

Measurement of drum put on

Strip dip brake fluid check

E-brake inspection

During your free of charge brake check, we’ll determine in case your vehicle needs any further brake support, such as:

Installation of brand new brake pads or shoes

Resurfacing or even replacement of brake rotors or even drums

brake fluid change

brake blood loss

Replacement of brake lines, hoses along with other brake components

brake FLUID change

With time, brake fluid can become contaminated as moisture accumulates. Most brake components contain copper so when copper is exposed to dampness, it begins to erode. Because brake components erode, particles can start to contaminate the brake fluid – which means it’s time for the brake fluid change. During your own free brake check, a tire and Auto Support Professional will inspect and execute a strip dip brake fluid test to determine if you want a brake fluid change. When the strip dip brake fluid tests reveals that the brake fluid is contaminated then it’s time for any brake fluid change.

brake BLeeding

The need for brake bleeding arises when air enters your brake fluid line. The introduction of air to the brake fluid can be the result of a leak, overrunning of the grasp cylinder, or simply from having had recent work done in your brakes. If air has created its way into your brake liquid line, it causes your brake pedal to possess a soft, spongy feeling when you press down onto it. If you are experiencing this particular when braking, you may need brake bleeding to fix the problem.