Take on Winter with Firestone Winterforce 2 Tires

Winterforce 2 tireCold, wet conditions require the correct tires for snow and ice. For cars, that’s the Firestone Winterforce 2 tire, available at your local Firestone Complete Auto Care.

Learn More About Firestone Winterforce 2

If driving your coupe, sedan, wagon, or minivan during winter has you white-knuckling the steering wheel, Firestone’s Winterforce 2 tire will help you breathe easy and ease up on that steering wheel stranglehold.

Winterforce 2’s tread features open shoulder slots and sipes to give you the improved, ultra grip you expect from a snow tire. It’s also built with a full depth tread pattern to help give you long-lasting performance winter after winter.

Should I Get Winter Tires?

There’s a simple two-question test you can take to determine whether you should get winter tires.

  • Question #1: Do you live in a region of the U.S. that receives regular snowfall between October and March?
  • Question #2: Is ensuring the safest driving conditions important to you in inclement weather?

If you answer “yes” to either or both of those questions, you probably need winter tires. Nothing else will give you better handling and safety in icy, cold, snowy, and wet road conditions.

Winterforce 2 Tires Are Stronger Than Winter

Firestone developed the Winterforce 2 tire to be an affordable, long-lasting, next-generation line of tires that dig into snow and slush and offer reliable grip in winter driving conditions.

They achieved that with leading-edge cool-weather rubber compounds and computer precision to assist drivers in dealing with winter conditions such as snow and ice.

Winterforce 2 is certified with the 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake designation. That means it was designed specifically for performance in severe snow conditions as determined by the Rubber Manufacturers Association and the Rubber Association of Canada.

(If you’re wondering about a Firestone Winterforce 2 vs. Blizzak matchup, both carry the 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake designation.)

Winterforce 2 tires are prepped with cylinders for use with the size #11 studs of your choice. For as good as they are unstudded, Firestone Winterforce 2 studded tires are all the better to help handle the worst that winter can throw at you.

Read Firestone Winterforce 2 Reviews

Feedback from drivers who share Firestone Winterforce 2 tire reviews are heartwarming — which is excellent for a winter tire. Drivers have cited:

  • The tire’s ability to grip in icy conditions and even push slush away.
  • The stability the tires offer in deep snow.
  • Confident handling in heavy and wet snow as well as cold rain and slush.

Get a set of Winterforce 2 tires installed on your car and get ready to like driving in snowy conditions.

Where To Buy Firestone Winterforce 2 Tires

Firestone Winterforce 2 tires mean your vehicle can handle whatever always-unpredictable winter weather blows your way.

Are you wondering about the difference between Winterforce and Winterforce 2 tires? Or what size snow tire fits your car? Make the nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care location your first stop to learn more about Firestone Winterforce 2 tires and other Firestone tires. Want even greater convenience? Then Firestone Winterforce 2 tires are also available online. Schedule an appointment to save time!

Visit your local Firestone Complete Auto Care today to learn more about the Winterforce 2 winter tire, including Firestone Winterforce 2 tire sizes. We also offer Winterforce UV and LT tires for pickups and SUVs.

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