We Will Remain Open For Business – Stay In Your Vehicle! 50% Off All Services!!

– We are going to retain normal operating hours to service your vehicles. I want to cut through the formal corporate PR speak and relay that this is the only way for us to remain in business, this is the only way for us to continue to pay our employees. The revenue from the daily oil changes go towards payroll and all the other overhead involved in running an oil change business. If we are not open, our bills do not disappear. We will feel the financial impact of the coronavirus months from now as well, when everyone who took off a month from driving didn’t drive their normal commuting miles widening the interval in between oil changes. Because of this we are going to do 50% off all oil changes for the next two weeks to help stimulate the business a little bit. You do not have to leave your vehicle, you do not have to roll your window down. We can instruct the entire service.

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