Website Chooses Year’s Best Motor Oil

Auto site The Drive has chosen the three motor oils as the year’s best.

The site chose the winning brands for their resistance to stress, additive formulas and compatibility, among other factors. The top motor oils were recognized as best overall, best value and honorable mention.

The best overall oil, according to The Drive, is Mobil 1’s high mileage synthetic 5W-30. The site said the brand does what it says to protect vehicles with high numbers on the odometer. From the article:

“This is a great synthetic oil for a reasonable price and is one of the best synthetic oils for high-mileage cars. It pays for itself, especially in extreme temperatures and on short trips. Your vehicle will start without much effort even in frigid cold temperatures, and the engine will run smoothly and quietly. It also runs well in the extreme summertime heat.”

The Drive notes that this is, however, a more spendy choice.

The site found the best value in Valvoline’s high mileage synthetic blend. The formula helps to prevent engine wear and reduce sludge, and antioxidants prevent clogs.

An honorable mention went to the German company Liqui Moly for its premium 5W-30 synthetic. The Drive praised it for the same protection and wear-averse properties as the other motor oils and noted the oil’s grayish color from additives. It’s also on the pricier side, the site said.

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  1. Naeem Reply

    Some people say they can tell the difference between Motor oils
    . I personally don’t by that. I have run amsoil, royal purple, mobile one..I have never noticed a difference and do all our own cars maintainer. Ran this in our suv and luxury car and it runs smooth and fine!

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