Why Do Drivers Love Primewell PS830/850 Tires?

Primewell PS830 tireAll-season touring tires don’t get more affordable or reliable than this. Buy Primewell PS830/PS850 at Firestone Complete Auto Care today.

Why Buy Primewell PS830/850 Tires?

Primewell PS830/PS850 touring tires deliver reliable all-season traction at an affordable price point for budget-conscious drivers. Engineered for cars and minivans, these S- and T-speed rated tires provide both exceptional handling and superior ride comfort.

Every Primewell tire is put to the test to ensure it meets customer expectations and manufacturer standards. Before they hit the sales floor, PS830 and PS850 tires are quality tested for stability at high speeds, riding comfort, wet and dry handling, braking and cornering, and road noise levels. With a set of Primewell tires on your car, you’ll find yourself getting used to uniquely quiet and comfortable drives.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more affordable all-season touring tire than Primewell PS830/PS850. Additionally, you can get a free tire quote for Primewell PS830 and PS850 tires online, and then calculate your out-the-door price, so you know what to expect before you head into the store. After all, the checkout line is no place for surprises!

PS830/850 Tire Features & Benefits

From research to development, each feature in Primewell PS830/PS850 tires has been formulated to deliver what drivers desire most—safety, reliability, and mileage. Primewell prioritizes drivers’ safety and peace of mind, so you can cruise confidently for many miles to come.

1. EXTENDED SHOULDER GROOVES: Deliver excellent cornering stability.

2. FOUR WIDE CIRCUMFERENTIAL GROOVES: Ensure effective water evacuation for optimum all weather performance.

3. ADVANCED VARIABLE PITCH TREAD BLOCKS: Promote a quiet and smooth ride under high-speed driving conditions.

4. ALL-SEASON TREAD DESIGN: Enhances year-round performance with open-slotted shoulders.

5. CIRCUMFERENTIAL CENTER RIB: Enhances lateral traction.

Primewell Tires Prioritize Driver Comfort

Your comfort getting from Point A to Point B is what matters most. Whether you’re cruising down country roads, highway lanes, or city streets, Primewell PS830 and PS850 tires deliver an exceptionally comfortable driving experience. You can thank the variable design for reduced tire noises, and for an upgraded music- or podcast-listening experience. Additionally, you can corner confidently with wide shoulder blocks made to ensure ride stability.

You need to have confidence in your vehicle’s tires, which is why each Primewell tire is put through one of the tire industry’s most rigorous and thorough quality control systems. Additionally, all Primewell tires feature a barcode on the sidewall which allows drivers to trace it through the entire production process, all the way back to which raw materials were used in its construction.

Shop Primewell PS830 & PS850 Tires

At Firestone Complete Auto Care, we’re here to help you select the right tire type and size for your vehicle, budget, and driving style! Stop by your local Firestone Complete Auto Care to learn about Primewell PS830 and PS850 tires and other touring tires. You can also make your tire shopping experience even easier by ordering your Primewell tires online and having them delivered to your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care, where they can be installed by expert technicians. Order your Primewell PS830/PS850 tires and make your tire installation appointment now.

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